Terms and Conditions




The rental service with driver belongs to the category of public services of line, that is, those who provide collective or individual transport of people with complementary and supplementary to public services online and are made ​​at the request of users, so not continuous or periodic, on routes and timetables established from time to time, exclusively upon request advanced booking at the headquarters of the carrier, determining factor to distinguish the exercise of the taxi service that so opposite can only accommodate guests of the square.  Terms and conditions

  • The car rental services with driver, briefly called NCC, are executed with class vehicles to small cars, necessarily approved local public transport non-scheduled.  Terms and conditions
  • The car rental service with NCC involves the supply of a vehicle to transport passengers carried out by driver joined the Professional Role category at the Chamber of Commerce of relevance in meeting the specific requirements and valid documents that enable the same to ‘public exercise.
  • Before getting on a car NCC recommend to ascertain its authenticity and regularity professional, for your safety and to be guaranteed during the journey from the proper insurance protection, requiring the driver feedback.
  • Any controversy or signaling, please contact us immediately +39 06 89716926  Terms and conditions


  • Passengers are obliged to fasten their seat belts in any place occupied vehicle and for the entire period of the carriage Terms and conditions
  • 1. On board the cars in public service NCC is not possible:
    • a) smoking;
    • b) throw objects from the vehicle stationary and in motion;
    • c) deface, defile or damage the vehicle;
    • d) demand the carriage of pets without having adopted, in agreement with the charterer, all possible measures to avoid damage or soiling of the car;
    • e) demand that the transport is made in violation of the rules of safety and conduct contained in the current Highway Code.

If your flight is canceled or lost, it shall notify the customer with a minimum notice of 90 minutes, with email, SMS to the number+39393944 97 85  or by contacting our operating number +39 06 89 71 69 26.   Failure notice excludes the right to have the car available   and will still receive the penalty of 50% of the fee set.

  • Transfer services relate only to the area of ​​Rome to / from Fiumicino and Ciampino airports, therefore, is guaranteed maximum wait of the reserved vehicle, 30 minutes of the requested time, exceed this limit will be applied to the amount of waiting extra for each fraction of 30 minutes, or 10 € for standard cars, 20 € per minivan, € 30 for flagship.
  • The cancellation of the car rental service with driver or complementary services, without penalty, is accepted within 12 hours prior to service. Cancellations within 6 hours before the start of the service have a penalty of 50% of the service. The customer can make the cancellation by sending an e-mail to operativo@vipclass.it or SMS to the number  +39393944 97 85
  • For services with NCC car provision applies a minimum period of 3 hours.  Terms and conditions
  • For direct transfers extra urban (non-stop) the rate is calculated based on mileage from point to point.
  • Each passenger with excess baggage must notify at the time of booking in order to assess the adequacy of the car request.
  • Vipclass chauffeured limousine reserves the right to change at any time parts (or all) of these agreements without prior notice to customers, partners, tour operators or agencies.
  • Our rates for hire with driver does not include 10% VAT payments parking ticket, for tunnels, ferries and entrances to the city where expected, lunches and nights of driver when due.

Conditions online inquiry

Through websites and portals http://vipclass.it and subdomains we are published direct transport services authorized NCC with the sole purpose of enabling the consumer to pre-book a trip and take advantage of the promotional opportunities produced by the organizational system Vpclass.

Services Vipclass published in http://www.vipclass.it are described in a simple and clear and are commonly represented with generic images of the media for the sole purpose of showing the model and category of vehicle NCC. In no case the vehicle published in the ad is or may be the same, but provides the perfect match of class, segment and model.
The services chosen and booked through Vipclass will be confirmed only upon completion of the bid process.

Upon request, the service will be confirmed only ensuring the veracity of the data provided

The user who formalized the reservation will receive an email confirmation with the detailed description of the service eventually confirmed. The payment of the service takes place in the car, through pos or cash, if it meets the regularity required by law in force at the time of payment, which immediately follows receipt or invoice delivered in electronic format, within 30 days from payment service .

To use the service offered by Vipclass apply exclusively by the following terms.
The terms and conditions are considered accepted if confirmed by pressing the button for when ordering.


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